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Fuel Efficiency and Performance- 50,000 Mile Towing Report
Wind resistance as a major part of rolling resistance and its ultimate cost in fuel efficiency and handling.

We have a 2005 31RK that we bought from you in December 04.
We have been full timing since then and the trailer has been bullet proof.

I'd buy another one in a heart beat.  We tow with an 05 Dodge 2500 with a stock diesle and auto tran.  Mpg averages around 13.5 to 14.5 on the flat with no wind at 60 mpg.  Hills and wind can cut that way back, but I almost always average at least 11 mph per trip.  We averaged just over 14 between Seattle and San Diego last year.

I don't know if you are still making the 30/31 foot models, but it has been perfect for us... small enough to get into most of the national park and forest service service camp grounds and large enough to be comfortable for two.

We have spent the past 4 months in the Black Hills, South Dakota and will be heading back west thru Montana and Idaho in October.  Keep building those great rigs and feel free to give our name and email address to any prospective buyers that could benefit from our 3+year,  50,000 mile experience.

Cal and Phyllis"
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