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Americana a good plan to defeat Murphy
Availability of a good plan to defeat “Murphy” is a major part of any buying decision.
Defeating Murphy
"No leaves on the trees at the Elkhart campground in November about eight years ago when Richard and Helen Zuck stayed overnight to check out their new Americana Model."
Here is a copy of an email received from Richard Zuck who headquarters in the “wilds” of Long Island, New York. He has traveled to California, Florida twice, Skied in the winter and really has put his Americana GS model to the test. This appreciative note was sent to us five months after his one year warranty had run out. It is great to know that we and Rich have defeated “Ole Murph”, once again.

From:"RZuck12110" <>
To: "Russ Anderson" <>
Subject: warranty work
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 22:43:20 -0400


Like so many new owners of RV's we approach new models and names with some apprehension, especially when some thing goes wrong. My Americana model double slide-out 5th wheel wasn't a month old when I took it to Ski Windham in upstate New York in January. With the windchill reaching 30 below zero, it was a real test. Water was out of the question even with a heated basement (a little discretion here!) but it held the heat well. We were comfortable, even if the skiing wasn't.

We took a lengthy trip South, ending in Florida, and this was followed by a tripto Brimfield Mass. where we discovered a pinched water line. Upon return to New York we called the Factory, explained the problem and had it repaired locally. Shortly thereafter I was re-imbursed in full for the repair.

In October we took a trip across country to visit our son in California. I traded my '91 4X4 GMC 454 cu. in. engine, for a Ford F350 Diesel crew cab and off we went. Quite an adventure! On the way home in November, a defect in the weld of our bedroom slide occurred, resulting in a partial closure. Again I contacted the Factory and they okayed the repair. I have been re-imbursed for that repair also.

Overall we are pleased with our purchase and the timely responses of both the Factory and Russ Anderson to our needs and questions. They're o.k. in my book. Sincerely yours, Richard Zuck

First we build them simple and for 4 seasons use. We have off road ground clearance (almost 2&rsquo; clear) and fully adjustable air-ride suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and we build them tough . . but Murphy often sees to it that no product is perfect.

Here’s how the factory warranty adjustment plan works:

It’s amazingly simple and more convenient for our owners than having to haul their fifthwheel many miles to a selling dealer for adjustment; when many qualified independent RV service companies are often close at hand. Most of our customers find they can use the same nearby independent service company who did satisfactory service on their previous RV.

In Richard’s case he was able to take his Americana model to the same service company, located just a few miles from his home, who used to fix his 30’ travel trailer; rather than taking his new fifthwheel to the factory’s closest service point, located many miles away and across the Hudson river in New Jersey.

Our plan really works. It has proven to work better than selling reluctant dealer service, offered by most manufactures. Normally owners have to take a broken RV back to a selling dealer. We have found that RV dealers generally are not necessarily the best warranty service points. Therefore we normally have our customers use small independent RV service companies. Dealers make their real profits selling things and not fixing things. Independent RV service folks make their living fixing RV's and they need repeat business in order to stay in business. So independents normally do a better job than dealers. Most RV service companies will contact the Factory Warranty administrator for work approval and will bill the factory directly. Warranty work needs to be pre-approved. Our basic coach supplying factory (one of the largest RV national companies company) pays their bills on time and therefore has excellent credit. If the service company will not give the factory credit then the customer can submit a factory approved expense for reimbursement. Independents are normally warranty points for the appliances used in the fifthwheel. We use national brands of appliances such as Dometic, Suburban, Surflo, Magic Chief, etc. You don't have to contact the factory for warranty repairs on these appliances.

We have created the best of two worlds; warranty backing by a multimillion dollar company combined with good local service.
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