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Sequoyah Model Fifth Wheel - Bedroom and Bath
Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Above is the view looking down on the full size queen bed from the entrance to the bedroom. That's the edge of the full size, neo-round shower you see on the right.

For a video tour of the Sequoyah interior features, go to the Sequoyah Interior Video page.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
The cavernous cedar lined closet.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Looking toward the vessel sink and cabinets at the foot of the bed.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
A view from the closet area, looking back toward the entrance of the bedroom with the kitchen and living area beyond. The full size, new round shower is on the left, and on the right (behind the door) is the full size, porcelain toilet.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Here you can see the pocket door between the bedroom and kitchen closed. The wire and control you see on the solid surface end table next to the bed is for the optional, dual adjustable air mattress.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Another angle looking toward the foot of the bed and the cabinets, counters, and drawers.

Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
The vessel sink is not only stylish, but a very efficient use of space. Counter space is increased over a standard sink.
Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
The home size queen air bed and huge neo-round shower,
Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
Across the home size bed to the vanity and cedar lined closet.
Americana Sequoyah Fifthwheel
The vanity area, complete with solid surface counter tops.
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