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RT Model RT38/39 RL DESK SB
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"Over the years they have pressured us to keep up to date on construction techniques, systems, insulation, tow ability, durability and longevity---they know what works and what doesnt. We really hate complaints, so our design/construction philosophy is to make it as bullet proof as possible and If it works we dont change it. Our best customers are the ones we never hear from after their initial multi-day checkout (other than referring other potential customers to us or a Christmas card saying they are having a good time).
The best price value we can offer is an order reservation for one of our future display models. Our company comptroller applies an advertising allocation and accrued supplier rebate to lower display model prices in order to insure they find a new home, and quickly. We often have display models available in Indiana as well as at our Factory Order Display on the Colorado River in Arizona. Americana RT models range in size from 36 to 40 models with triple or quad slides. For current RT model prices (FOB Indiana or the Colorado River, Arizona) please send us an email inquiry."

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