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2651 Highway 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86642
Phone: 800-552-5250
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Special Features
We dare you to find these features on any fifth wheel in our price range:
  • Most comfortable wall huger reclining chair.
  • Sofa with pull out bedding under storage drawer and full bed sized air mattress sleep system. (no hard cross bars to lie on).
  • Fully adjustable air-ride suspension (great for leveling on not so level campground spaces and extremely smooth towing. Levels front to back and left to right.
  • Lubricated shackle bolts with grease zert for long term suspension service on rough roads.
  • Compressed air supply system (great 120 psi compressed air source for filling tires or other air hungry toys. Also allows easy use of the fully adjustable, leveling, air-ride system)
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Lower cost to operate over the long term than old style electric brakes. A must for safer Western Mountain towing! Disc don't heat up and fade under normal application as often do old style show brakes)
  • Compartment door trigger locks (Squeezes the door into the gasket for a superior dust seal. Standard RV locks don't squeeze seal)
  • Insulated slide-out floors. (No way to have a 4 season insulated unit unless the big slide-out floors are properly insulated)
  • Improved storage space in the heated basement (Open access from 3 sides assists loading and storage of "out sized" items, ie lawn chairs, etc.)
  • Pressure water tank fill system (Convenient way to fill the fresh water system when hooked up to city water. Don't have to force water 50 gallons of water into a gravity feed system)
  • Custom vented battery box (Easy access to batteries for service, especially when 4 golf cart batteries are carried)
  • Heavy duty Hardwood cutting board (Creates a very large additional work surface [nearly 4 sq. ft.] when used on the stove or as a super sink cover)
  • LED running and stop lights (good looking, safer superior visibility when towing in marginal lighting conditions and they really last)
  • Goodyear American made “G rated, up to 3750 lbs.) LT tires. Unlike Chineese or Korean made tires, they are just about blew-out proof. No bad reports from the Industry or owners,
  • 7000 lb rated axles with 8 lug wheels. A little "over-kill" for toughness.
  • Shackle pins with grease zerks for long life lubrication. (these pins fasten suspension moving parts, ie springs, shackles and equalizer beams)
  • Shackle pins with grease zerks for long life lubrication. (these pins fasten suspension moving parts, ie springs, shackles and equalizer beams)Most comfortable wall huger reclining chair.
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