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Nebraska Home - 9thanks
From: "Mel & Kay Meier"
To: "Russ Anderson"
Subject: Thanks
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Dear Russ:

I would have liked to have talked to you on the phone to tell you how happy we are with our Americana. You know the Meiers, they showed up early Wed. P.M. and Mike said our 5th Wheel was ready, so they pulled it out of the lot, and parked it and we went through it with Mike and then made plans to spend the night in it. I noticed that the pull outs were not in the kitchen, so Mike said he would have to e-mail you and make sure we were suppose to have them,(we forgot to take the contract with us). So we went to supper, came back, they had filled it with water, the furnace was on and it was nice and warm in the trailer. We spent some time reading part of the material Mike had given us, we played some cards, and decided it had been a long day and we were ready to retire for the night.

Everything was going great, until I woke up about 2:30 a.m.(3:30 a.m.their time) and boy was it cold in the trailer. I woke Mel up and told him I didn't hear the furnace running, he got up turned on the light and it looked like a candle. I told him maybe someone had unplugged the electricity, so he went out and checked, it was OK. So he said we could at least go out to the truck and get warm. Which we did, then I said do you think the pipes might freeze, he said I don't know, so we decided we had better call Mike. We drove all over looking for a phone with a directory, couldn't find one, but found Dunkin Donuts open. I went in and got Mike's phone number and called him, he said I'll be there in 20 minutes. So we bought some donuts and chocolate milk, went back to the trailer and sat in the truck eating until Mike got there. He said maybe the plugged fell out in the shop and he went to look, came back and said a breaker had kicked out. Said it happens only once in a blue moon. It didn't take long for the trailer to get warm and boy were we sleeping sound.

The next thing we knew someone was knocking on the door, it was Mike. Talked to him for a few minutes, then went to breakfast, came back went over a few more things, and they had put on the spare tire (which we decided to get). Then Mike had one of the guys show Mel how and what to do to hook up the trailer to the pickup. We also bought a few more things from Mike and then we were on our way home. Mel just found out the he has a herniated disk in his neck, so he will have to have surgery before we can take off traveling. He said he would drive the 5th Wheel until we got on the Interstate, then he wanted me to see if I could drive. Well he started out driving got through the toll booth, pulled over and said are you ready to drive???? I drove all the way home. He said he was proud of me, the only thing was that I made sure when we pulled in to the truck stops and etc. that I didn't have to back up, wasn't ready for that part yet. Russ I can't tell you how surprised I was at how easy the 5th Wheel pulled, at times I had to look in the mirrors to make sure it was still there. We even hit some wind but I still didn't have any problems. What a dream it is to drive.

I had planned on e-mailing you the minute we got home, but we just got home (2:30 p.m. Friday) and found out the a real close friend (51 yrs. old) had passed away and the funeral was Sat. morning so of course I forgot all about letting everyone know we were home. Should have done this sooner, sorry. I guess I had better sign off for now.

Happy Holidays to you and your family from the Kay & Mel Meier from NE.

P.S. There was a couple form Michigan and a man from New Mexico there the same time we were. We got to talking with them and was surprised that we all had learned about the Americana from the Internet.
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