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Five Americana models, all in a row at the Elkhart, Indiana Campground near the factory. The new owners met for one of our group checkout sessions. New owners usually save several thousands of dollars in freight charges by picking up near the factory.

A big bonus for checking out near our upfitting/service center is the defeat of "Murphy". If a new product correction needs to be made, our service people and replacement parts are "at hand". After our satisfied customers go through this thorough multi-day checkout, we rarely hear from them again, other than to have them send us more customers. National service is available through thousands of independent RV service companies. Click here to see our PDF on how to defeat "Murphy".

Our customers don't have to go back to a selling dealer for good service.

When this snap-shot was made, most of these new Americana owners had ventured away to the Super Walmart for misc. supplies and recommended torque wrench to make sure their lug nuts are correctly tightened before each planned trip."
Click on the link below to see the video.
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