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Americana trigger latch
Americana Trigger Latch
Above - a basement compartment door, factory installed with twist key locks and center pull. Americana upgrades these non compressing RV twist locks to lockable Compression Lever Latches.
Americana Trigger Latch
Larger basement compartment doors installed with lockable Compression Lever Latches.. These standard extra insultated doors are thick with a tougher backing than the standard RV trailer doors.
Americana Trigger Latch
A Compression Lever Latch is shown partially open, with lever squeeze pressure released. Push the latch in, it locks and squeeze . . compresses the door against the gasket. Fewer dust leaks in an Americana model.
We build “tuff” fifthwheels for tough customers
Americana Trigger Latch
Above - a basement compartment doors , in open position. All three compartment doors: front and two side doors open with pass through/see through, easy storage space access.
Americana Trigger Latch
Heated basement below bathroom from curbside. Top and bottom of basement compartment is finished with grey compartment liner. Optional inverter is installed in basement on right (toward front).
Americana Trigger Latch
Custom compartment door, push to open, compression lever latches, squeeze the thick insulated door into to the door gasket. RV compartment turn latches do not draw the door into the gasket for a firm and tight seal. Our custom compression, lockable, lever latches are normally only
available on “high-line” motorhomes. (Beautiful model is Anita Lemar)
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